Summit Trust (Cayman) Limited (“STCL”) is subject to the Data Protection Law, 2017 in the Cayman Islands (“the DPL”), which took effect on 30th September 2019. STCL is a data controller for the purposes of the DPL and any settlor, beneficiary or protector who is in a trust-based relationship with STCL will be a data subject as defined in the DPL as will any person having a contractual relationship with STCL. STCL collects and processes certain personal data in order to fulfil its legal duties and responsibilities as trustee or as company manager or agent; it does not transfer such data for marketing purposes. STCL may transfer personal data to third party professionals or financial institutions as a consequence of the services it provides or to other companies in the Summit Trust Group in connection with the purchase of administration services or to comply with international tax reporting obligations.

The personal data that is typically collected include an individual’s name, address, date & place of birth, nationality, tax residency, taxpayer identification numbers, contact details, personal financial information, educational information and bank details. In some cases other information may be sought and processed.

Data subjects have various rights under the DPL. Reference to the DPL should be made for details of the individual rights of data subjects. Data is retained in accordance with the DPL and certain information will be kept for 5 years after the termination of a business relationship.

All requests concerning data protection and any complaints should be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will do our utmost to revert to you within a month of receiving your correspondence.

This policy statement may be revised from time to time in accordance with the law and in the light of regulations issued by the Information Commissioner in the Cayman Islands.

Dated: 17th October 2019